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Short Note from the desk of Dan....

Dear Readers,

Spring is in the air, at least in some areas. What that means is more outdoor activities. For us in the North Country it's break up time. Yerba mate on the go is the theme for this month. I talk to many people from all over who describe their favorite means of brewing yerba mate.... from the traditional way of drinking yerba to the cold-water toddy process. One thing in common with all of these processes is finding the proper amount to use. That varies on the type of brewing process. Take a traditional mate and bombilla; traditionally, you would fill the gourd three quarters full. For us North Americans, that is quite strong and would take some getting used to. I personally like the French Press at home, and at the office we have a coffee pot that we keep going all the time. We use one tablespoon of yerba mate for three 8 oz. cups of brew.

For active people who want to take yerba on the go we have some great ideas that some of you may already use and some not. A thermos is very popular for people who brew at home and take it with them, and for people who use t bags and brew the traditional way, a mate and bombilla is the method of choice. In South America it is very common to see people carrying some type of thermos in the hot or cold times of the year. One of my favorite ways on the go is a French Press Mug (coming soon). This allows you to put loose yerba in the bottom, fill it up with water and head out the door. After three minutes you push the plunger to the bottom and it filters the mate to the bottom leaving freshly brewed mate for the road. You can also take extra yerba and a thermos to refresh throughout the day in your journey. I take mine camping, kayaking or on the motor boat. For the active yerba mate drinker, one or two tea bags in a water bottle is suggested. Shake it up, ride your bike, run or pump iron! I have heard from many athletes, both amature and professional, who like to train with yerba. It doesn't dehydrate your muscles like coffee. It invigorates and fuels your body during your journey.

I'd like to make an offer to all of the folks who use mate with sticks and stems. From now through the end of March, we want to give you a chance to try what 99.9% leaf mate tastes like and experience the effects it has on your body. I receive emails or calls weekly from people indicating that the mate they're using doesn't stack up with Aviva yerba mate. With Aviva, they feel more energized, experience more flavor, and don't have to use as much when brewing. I tell them all the same story. Sticks and stems have no benefit other than adding weight to the bag. Yes, there is also a difference in t-bags. Rip your current brand open and take a look at the mate inside the bag. You will probably notice ground mate with ground sticks and stems. White particles can be seen mixed in with the ground yerba. With the traditional Aviva t-bag, it does not contain any filler and you will notice leaf instead of powder. In our blends, howver, you will notice some powder because we only use real spices and fruit for flavoring and they must be ground before bagging.

For a limited time, we'll be offering a complimentary sample of loose traditional yerba mate or traditional t-bag. Limit one per household. We are so confident that you will see the light, we will pay for the shipping and the product! Follow this link to request your sample:

For our customers who are already familiar with our yerba, we invite you to visit our storefront to stock up for the spring season!

Upcoming events.....
We will be on the road in the coming months. Feb 28th & 29th we will be at the Spokesman Review Food show in Spokane, WA. March 5th, 6th and 7th we will be in Anaheim, CA at the Natural Foods Expo at the convention center. We will be brewing the mate in conjunction with the ginger tonics inside the New Chapter booth. At the end of March, from the 29th to the 30th we will be in Las Vegas at the Takeme2tea expo. The only trip I have in April is I will be traveling to the ranch in Paraguay on the 23rd for two weeks. It is tough being away from home, but the upside is that I get to meet people and talk about what we do best, Aviva Premium Wild Harvest Yerba Mate. Keep the pot hot and the yerba mate steady and get outside to enjoy the weather!


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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