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Short Note from the desk of Dan....

Dear Readers,

What a great way to start off the spring, 90° in Los Angeles. Expo West in Anaheim is the largest natural food show of its kind. Even though it was hot and sunny outside, it was a balmy 70° inside. What a show it was, there were around 3,000 vendors trying to sell everything from organic under ware to tofu chicken that really tasted like chicken. Some of the highlights in my eye was a new product by Whitewave, the makers of Silk Soy Milk. It was a smoothie type product, made from soy, with a peach flavor. This product is not out yet in the market, but do give it a try when it makes its debut. Another nice find was from another Idaho company, Trinity water out of southern Idaho. Their water comes from an underground thermal source. When it reaches the surface, it is still 137°. If it wasn't for these guys, I would have been hurting. I placed two tea bags in the water bottle and it really made a nice drink. It was nice to have a presence by a handful of mate companies, five in all. Hey, the more we can all do to spread the word about this amazing herb, the better it is for all us mate drinkers.

Certifications are moving along in Paraguay. One very important thing for us is to be able to plant young yerba in the jungle. The native yerba trees range from one meter tall to thirty meters tall. It is not in our best interest or the best interest of the forest to harvest the tall native trees. The plan is to clean around the mother trees about 15 meters and then plant 5 younger trees at the base. It will take 5 years before we can harvest from these trees. Above the native yerba mate trees, you have the natural canopy of the subtropical jungle. This shade and natural eco system is what sets our yerba mate apart from any other in the world. The jungle is our fertilizer. Unlike farm grown mate and sustainable grown mate, our mate is fertilized by the natural decomposition of the jungle fauna. One thing I found out is the certifying agency, SGS, is not sure if we can plant in the forest and still have the wild harvest certification. The minimum we will have is a certified organic label.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the free samples at the first of the month. I received several emails from people with their comments. One thing in common with most yerba mate drinkers is they choose to use yerba mate because of its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Next month, we will have our sample results back from Medallion labs in Wisconsin. When we do, we will share them with you via our newsletter and on the website. Until then, keep the sticks out of your mate and enjoy the start of spring!

Upcoming events.....
We will be on the road in the coming months. At the end of March, from the 29th to the 30th we will be in Las Vegas at the Takeme2tea expo. The only trip I have in April is I will be traveling to the ranch in Paraguay on the 23rd for two weeks.


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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