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Short Note from the desk of Dan....

Dear Readers,

This month our travels took us through southern Utah, a corner of northern Arizona, and (our final destination) Las Vegas. The Takeme2tea expo is the premiere trade show in the specialty tea business. The show was held at the Las Vegas Hilton. It turned out to be the best trade show we have attended in the last 5 years. Early on, I knew that if Aviva was going to make inroads in the Specialty Coffee & Tea industry, we would have to compete at high standards and differentiate our product. In the tea world, sticks and stems have one characteristic in common among the various teas— low quality. (Technically, yerba mate is an herbal infusion.) The absence of sticks and stems in our product puts us on a higher plain.

We heard a recurring question during the expo from several business owners who stopped by the booth. "People keep coming in our shop and asking about yerba mate. What is it?!!" It was a welcomed question because it put me in the position of being able to educate them about this wonderful beverage. Of course, it was easy to talk about Aviva yerba mate and the environment in which ours is cultivated. I think the folks who stopped by also found it interesting to learn about the other types of yerba mate production prevalent today. Most people understood the only benefit of leaving sticks and stems in your yerba mate was for the grower and seller. We believe if folks buy a pound of yerba mate, then they should get a pound of yerba mate. Not half a pound of leaf with the other half containing useless sticks, stems, and dust. The other issue that seemed important to business owners, as well as consumers, is the organic method from which our yerba mate is derived.

We received our nutritional analysis back from the lab, and it appears that our yerba mate contains a higher than average amount of nutrients when comparing to competitor's labels and research articles. We will follow up with you when we have a complete breakdown ready to publish. Here are a couple quick comparisons between our results and a competitor's bag I have in the office:

Aviva Yerba Mate: 725mg per 50 grams
Competitor's: 62mg per 50 grams

Vitamin C
Aviva Yerba Mate: 19%
Competitor's: 6%

This is just an example of two of the constituents. Eventually, we will post the original report on our web site. Well, off to Argentina on Friday and Paraguay the following Friday. The next time I write to you, I will have new news from South America and a few pictures to show. As they say in Paraguay, Ciao!


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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