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Dear Readers,

The first thing I want to do is thank every one who sent in the leads to the health food stores and coffee houses. We had a great response and are working on contacting the businesses. This will be great for both you the customer and us. Less shipping charges for you, and a new wholesale customer for us. Thank you for your efforts! For those receiving our newsletter for the first time, last month we started a new promotion on how our customers could receive a free 5lb bag of our yerba mate. Please follow this link for more information. Whether you are an importer, distributor, or retail shop, yerba mate can be a great addition to your current tea offerings!

One thing about summer is that one's activity level really increases. Longer daylight hours and more exposure to the sun really awakens the body like nothing else. Folks have a tendency to go to bed later and wake up earlier. One thing for sure is that our nutritional needs stay the same, if not increase. We might not have time to prepare and eat the proper meals we need to keep us going.

In Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, the economy is so bad, many households turn to yerba mate as the best source of vitamins and minerals for their diets. On my visit to the ranch this spring, Jim Carson stated to me on separate occasions "these people couldn't work under these conditions without their yerba mate." What he was referring to is the climate conditions that can reach 100% humidity and temperatures of up to 110°F. Throughout the working day, workers (either by themselves or in small groups) will stop and have cold mate. This refreshes, energizes and gives them the necessary vitamins and minerals they need to work under the harsh South American sun. In fact, an Argentine study referenced by Zona Latina found that 92% of Argentine households consume yerba mate!

Aviva Yerba Mate's Nutritional Analysis:
When we submitted our yerba mate to Medallian labs to have a nutritional analysis done, we had to determine how we wanted the sample tested- dry or wet. We elected to have a dry sample analyzed. The lab used 100 grams of our yerba to derive an exclusive nutritional breakdown. The reason for the dry sample compared to the wet sample is simple. People use different amounts of yerba and brew it with different methods. The results provide a good baseline to give us and our customers the true vitamins and minerals contained in our yerba mate. Please keep in mind that these results are for Aviva's Premium Wild Harvest yerba mate only. Other brands will vary.

Potassium 1450mg
Protein 13.0%
Vitamin C 19.9mg
Calcium 595mg
Iron 18.5mg
Pantothenic Acid 0.790mg
Antioxidant Activity 161000 umol TE/100g (very high!)
Caffeine 1.09% (approx. 33mg per 8oz drink)
Flavonoids 134mg / 2g sample

If you currently use the traditional yerba with sticks and stems, you can be sure of one thing.... Your intake of vitamins and minerals per serving will be far less than with pure leaf mate. The sticks and stems have no nutritional value. They are simply filler. Some folks claim they will add fiber to one's diet. This might be true if you actually pick out the stems and eat them. I think that old saying is perfect for the yerba mate business, "You get what you pay for"..... When you pay good money for a bag of mate, you should receive a bag of mate, not filler. Ok, off of my soap box and off to the beach (of course with my thermos of iced mate). Be safe and mate on!


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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