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Short Note from the desk of Dan....

Dear Readers,

When you read this month's news letter I will be on the lower Salmon River on a four day, three night river rafting float trip. I can guarantee one thing, all of the crew will be powered up with Premium Wild Harvest Aviva Yerba Mate. Of course, we will be using our portable french press on the trip! This press is perfect for this kind of environment.

I want to thank all of our customers who took our company information into their local health food store, coffee house or tea house. We had tremendous participation! A few customers have already been awarded five pounds of Aviva yerba mate of their choice. Congratulations to Jason in Missoula, Mary in Texas, and Stephanie in New York City. If you sent in leads, don't worry, we are still working on them. Sometimes it takes awhile. If we do get your store of choice as a customer, we will gladly send you your free five pounds of yerba. For those of you who are not familiar with our program, here it is....

Simply download and print our pre-drafted letter (pdf format) and take it into your favorite local store and talk to the person in charge. Tell him or her that you'd like for them to carry the Aviva brand of yerba mate. Email us with your name, the store's name and the city. We will contact the store and if they order product and become a wholesale customer we will send you 5 pounds of premium wild harvest yerba mate of your choice for free! You can select whatever blend found on our website. We'll pay the shipping. It is our way of thanking you for your business and support. You win because of the free five pounds of course, and when that is gone, no shipping charges from us for your next supply.....just a short drive to your local establishment!

With five pounds in mind, our special for the month of July is still available. Five pounds of regular mate or any of our blends for only $50! That's almost 40% off the already special bulk price of some of our products. Big savings for VIP'S, our customers. The Aviva storefront is a great place to start.

In closing, I would like to congratulate our webmaster Josh and his lovely bride Molly on their recent marriage. Josh deserves a lot of credit for making our web site the most factual and most informational on the internet. Keep the mate flowing and talk to you after the trip.


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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