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Aviva March Update - Latest Anti-Cancer Research


Our bodies are bombarded by potential cancer-causing agents on a daily basis. According to the US Department of Health, some known carcinogens include: sunlight, automobile exhaust, alcoholic beverages, chargrilled food byproducts, and cigarette smoke. For the most part, our bodies do a good job of protecting us from cellular damage that can be caused by these substances. A person's diet plays an important role in this defensive posture as well as in one's overall health.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you some exciting research recently conducted by a team at the University of Illinois. The objectives of this study were to determine the phenolic content of yerba mate tea products (MT) (Ilex paraguariensis) and evaluate their in vitro capacity to inhibit topoisomerase I (Topo I) and II (Topo II) activities and oral carcinoma cell proliferation. Their work is published in this month's issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Science (vol 53) pgs. 1966-1973.

Research has shown yerba mate infusions to generally exhibit a higher antioxidant activity than green and black teas. This is also evident from the lab results of our own Aviva brand of yerba mate. The research group at the university found yerba mate to be extremely "rich in phenolic constituents."

"Flavonoids are phenolic compounds widely distributed in plants, and their consumption has been associated with the prevention of age-related chronic conditions including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, tea flavonoids have antitopoisomerase activity and can inhibit cell proliferation." As the article goes on to state, "data from in vitro and in vivo studies suggest a potential beneficial effect of tea polyphenols against cancer at most stages of development."

The group concluded through its series of tests that yerba mate "can inhibit oral cancer cell proliferation." One particular finding of interest suggests mate extract could be potentially "exploited for its cytotoxicity against malignant oral carcinoma cells while causing little damage to normal or premalignant cells in the cancerous lesion."

What's interesting to note is that the group did not find a connection between polyphenol levels and anti-cancer activity. "The polyphenolic content of the different MT did not correlate with the degree of topoisomerase inhibition. This finding suggests that the inhibition of topoisomerase and oral carcinoma cell proliferation may probably be due to the presence of other unidentified phytochemicals in MT. The fact that MT also inhibits oral cancer cell proliferation makes this botanical product a potential source of still unknown active substances that can be added to the arsenal of compounds that could be used in cancer prevention and treatment. Therefore, MT deserves further studies..."

This research and other information can be found in our updated White Paper (pdf).

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Have a Happy Easter and we'll see you in a few weeks.


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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