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July 2005 - A Short Note From The Desk of Dan. . .


I'm betting this letter finds many of you dealing with the sweltering heat that's been gripping the country. I hope that you have some kind of cooling system in your house or at least a fan that offers some form of respite. I would like to remind you that it's important to drink a lot of fluids when the mercury and dewpoint temperatures are high, especially if you are required to be outside (whether for work or play). What could be more refreshing and re-energizing than an ice cold glass of yerba mate tea?!

When the temperature is high and/or you are active, it is important to avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and coffee, as both are considered diuretics and could increase dehydration and subsequently worsen the effects of heat stress on the body (although some research indicates that if you routinely consume these beverages, then the impact could be minimized). As we preach in our Yerba Mate FAQ, moderation is important to remember in many of life's activities. While yerba mate contains only a fraction of the amount of caffeine found in coffee and other commercial energy drinks, it is still advised to not overly consume yerba when you're in the heat and your body is rapidly losing fluids. Straight water is the best to drink to help maintain a positive fluid balance. However, a few glasses of yerba mate throughout the day will help replenish the nutrients that have been lost through perspiration and energy expending activity.

Some important info and interesting facts about heat...

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have added two new blends! These are both blends that have dried fruits, spices and natural flavorings. Apricot Spice and Orange spice are now on our website to be purchased in bulk packages (1/2lb, 1lb, or 5lb bags). For the month of July, purchase two bags of the same flavor (apricot or orange) and we'll throw in a third bag of the other flavor for free! You must use the promotional code below. Simply insert the code at checkout and the line item will remind us to add a third bag to the shipment if you ordered two of the same. Make sure to not add this third bag to your order as the system would calculate a charge. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Take care and keep that yerba flowing. The summer blends section of our store is a great place to start!

July Promo Code: freebag (case-sensitive)

To end this month's newsletter, I would like to extend a very personal note. This last month, a friend of mine named Jamie Packer passed away in a car accident. He was 34 years old, a loving husband and a father of three. He worked as a golf pro at our local golf course. Everyone he came in contact with he made a life's impression. He was a real genuine nice man. When you are young, you think you will live forever, and don't think of things like life insurance, which he did not have. From today through the month of August, Aviva Ltd will donate 10% of our internet sales to the Jamie Packer Memorial Fund. This fund is set up to aid his family in these times of need and help provide for his children. I implore you to load up this month on your yerba mate needs for the days to come, and lets give that memorial fund a giant lift. I personally thank you for your business.

Direct donations may be sent to:

Jamie Packer Memorial Fund
Mountain West Bank
PO Box 399
Ponderay, ID 83852


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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