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August 2005 - A Short Note From The Desk of Dan. . .


Well, we're approaching the end of August and summer is almost over. For many families, school has already started or it's just around the corner. I don't know about you, but summers don't seem last as long as they used to. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time goes by, and all those projects that you had on your list in the spring time will now go on next spring's list. I try to not get stressed out about things which I cannot control, but inevitably stress creeps up on me. This is when my yerba mate comes into play.

Since I started this company in 1999, I have heard many customers (in person, via email or by the phone) use the term "Mental Clarity". For me, this feelling of mental clarity is a reality when I am drinking yerba. It gives me a feeling of alertness without the jaggedness I typically receive from drinking coffee. Yerba contains caffeine, but it also contains theobromine and theophylline— the active ingredients in green and black tea. These ingredients are partially responsible for the comforting feeling one receives when drinking black or green tea. According to Wikipedia Online, theobromine is a mild, lasting stimulant with a mood improving effect. Theophylline is used in therapy for respiratory diseases because of its ability to relax bronchial smooth muscle and exhibit an anti-inflammatory effect. Furthermore, recent studies on theobromine have found the compound to be a more effective cough suppressant than prescription codeine. Both yerba mate and coffee contain caffeine. However, our yerba mate has been tested and contains about two-thirds less caffeine than coffee, per eight ounce cup. The user experience is definitely different!

With that said, in the month of September we are going to introduce our Java Mate. I developed this blend six years ago when I still owned my coffee roasting business. We don't mess around! It is blended with our premium wild harvest yerba mate and organic coffee from Peru. This blend was developed for people who are trying to give up their coffee or, most importantly, for those people who don't want to give up their coffee. This blend allows them to keep that wonderful aroma and flavor of coffee with two thirds less the caffeine. And, on top of that, you still receive the wonderful naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are present in our wild harvest yerba mate.

Until next time, take a deep breath, greet the world with a smile, and have a nice cup of yerba...

August Special. . . We've added a new blend (Lemon Mint) and are combining it with our Lemon Myrtle blend for this month's special. Save 10% on either blend. This offer is good for our 1/2lb, 1lb, or 5lb bags!! No promotional code is necessary. You'll see the savings in our store. Take care and keep that yerba flowing. The yerba blends section of our store is a great place to start!

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Attention Retailers and Distributors!. . .There's a handful of you reading our newsletters who still aren't carrying Aviva yerba mate! With the summer months among us, folks are looking for refreshing beverages to quench their thirsts and re-energize their bodies. We periodically receive inquiries from customers around the country regarding what stores in their area carry Aviva products. Now is the time to offer this unique and healthful beverage to your customers. By the cup, in teabags, or loose leaf. . . .hot, iced, flavored, or sweetend— yerba mate is a versatile beverage that can meet anyone's taste preferences! We offer a winning wholesale program featuring our pure leaf Wild Harvest (and soon-to-be officially organic certified) yerba mate! Visit the wholesale section of our website and give us a call today!


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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