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January Update - Short Note From The Desk of Dan...


Happy New Year! I hope your 2007 is off to a good start. As I mentioned a few mailings ago, there's a lot of positive changes going on with Aviva. One of which, is the recent acquisition of my old coffee roasting business! This is very exciting to be running Monarch Mountain Coffee again. Our fresh mountain air roasted bean truly makes some of the best cups of coffee in the world. There's certainly a noticeable difference because of this unique roasting environment and our choice green coffee beans. We'll be working on enhancing the user experience on the Monarch Mountain website, but for now, you can at least browse the storefront and make secure purchases online.

Aviva + Stevia + Honey = Hmmmmm...Good!

1 Pound Tea Bag Special — Save 20% on all blends! (No Limit)

P.S. We recently migrated to a new web server at the first of the year. This will allow us to offer a more interactive user experience. We had some bugs to work out, which may have resulted in ordering problems for you. We apologize for that inconvenience. However, everything should be 100% up and running now! If you do experience problems, please let us know so we can rectify them as soon as possible. Also, since the 20% off teabag special is so popular, we've decided to extend it through the month of January. Enjoy!

excerpt from Steeped in Tea - The social significance of one hot drink By Andy Isaacson
Jan/Feb 2007 — On a sunny April morning in 1990, Mel Ziegler took a plane ride that changed his life. Ziegler, who founded and had recently sold Banana Republic, was flying back to San Francisco after attending a conference on values-driven business in Boston. Before its present incarnation as a "casual luxury" clothing brand, Banana Republic marketed safari wear. Its retail stores were awash in ersatz Serengeti imagery-Jeeps, foliage, and fog-that used "fantasy to lighten up the customers' idea of reality," Ziegler would later write. Consumers indulged the story, and Banana Republic profited. On that April morning, Ziegler met a fellow passenger and young entrepreneur, Bill Rosenzweig.

As they soared over the country, the men discovered their shared aspirations: personal transformation and capital gains. Tea, the two surmised, would be their salvation.....[read more]

Source: Utne Reader (Jan 2007)

Our mission here at Aviva is to not only sell yerba mate, but to arm our customers with information and products to help them lead healthy lifestyles. With the many fad diets and misinformation floating around out there, it's difficult to determine what is going to help you maintain or achieve your wellness objectives.

Our e-Commerce Director is well versed in the intricacies of diet, nutrition, and exercise. Over the years, he's reviewed (and used) many philosophies and products on the market in regard to diet and fitness. Recently, he came across a gentleman who has spent his lifetime in the field of exercise biology and nutritional biochemistry. He's trained many professional athletes and driven them to the peak of human performance.

Dr. John Berardi has productized his knowledge and made it available to the general public through his company, Science Link. We're excited to introduce you to this warehouse of fitness knowledge and wisdom! We're so excited, in fact, we're going to give you a coupon for 10% off your next order of Aviva if you provide us a copy of your purchase receipt for one of his products.

Precision Nutrition
Gourment Nutrition e-Book
Precision Nutrition is the nutrition system used by Dr. John Berardi's personal clients and athletes to build lean, muscular, high-performance physiques in record time. Includes the Precision Nutrition Diet Manual, the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook, the No Nonsense Nutrition 2 Disc DVD set and the Precision Nutrition Audio CD set.
Gourmet Nutrition, a new e-book (194pg pdf), is both a cookbook and a full-blown optimal eating manual! Includes:
  • tons of recipes to keep your taste buds alive and your body looking great
  • cooking tips so you can save time while impressing others with your culinary skills
  • nutrition strategies so you can build the body you want and keep it for life
  •

Take care of some of your holiday shopping at Aviva! Save on Tea Bags in January. Our storefront is a great place to start! Don't forget the free shipping on domestic orders over $35!!


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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