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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 12, 2004


  • Aviva, Ltd. to serve certified wild harvest yerba mate tea and 'mate lattes'
Park City, Utah, January 12, 2004 - Aviva, Ltd., known for its fast-growing line of healthy, delicious tea and flavored infusions, has been selected as the company of choice to serve brewed yerba mate (pronounced: "Mah-Tay") and a new "mate latte" treat to film industry notables attending this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Each year, nationally recognized companies are tapped for the honor of joining one of the host houses where directors and actors come to relax between the nonstop screenings and social events that make up the busy festival. Teas from Sandpoint, Idaho-based Aviva, Ltd. will be featured in a setting that includes an in-house chef, complimentary beverages, gourmet chocolates, high-end clothing and cosmetics companies, and a wire service photographer on hand to capture the stars as they stop by for a visit.

"We were thrilled to be chosen as the preferred tea company for this famous event," said Dan Garcia, founder and president of Aviva, Ltd. "Along with brewing our certified organic tea, we'll be serving a new creation we call the Shaman Mate Latte - an infusion of yerba mate and lavender flowers swirled together with a luscious combination of white chocolate and Silk brand soy milk. It's the kind of beverage that spoils the senses and soothes the spirit, while providing the smooth, energetic lift characteristic to yerba mate."

According to Garcia - a master coffee roaster before he learned about yerba mate and began importing the tea from South America - the Sundance Festival also provides an opportunity to introduce members of the film industry to the legendary health benefits of this centuries-old beverage.

"I've done a bit of acting myself, and I know how demanding the rehearsal and production schedules can be on a person's energy level," he said. "Unlike the short-term buzz that comes from drinking coffee, yerba mate delivers long-term energy and an overall sensation of well-being. For that reason, it makes a lot of sense to make it available to the hard-working people on a movie set."

Being included in the festivities surrounding the Sundance Film Festival is just the latest form of national recognition for the Northwest company. In October 2003, Aviva, Ltd. was featured in a Woman's World Magazine article that chronicled the history of yerba mate and highlighted its use as an effective component in healthy weight-loss programs. Based on overwhelming response from the magazine's national readership, Aviva, Ltd.'s sales grew by 1,200 percent on its Web site at this past fall.

Aviva, Ltd. will welcome Sundance Film Festival guests on Jan. 18-24, from 2-6 p.m. daily as part of the host house in Park City, Utah.

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