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Yerba Mate Man

Dan Garcia has been importing and selling quality Yerba Mate from South America since 1999. He is one of the first pioneering individuals to bring this product to consumers in the United States. Dan's extensive experience as a coffee roaster has allowed him to explore other products around the world that are considered favorites to the local populations. Upon being introduced to South American Yerba Mate, he immediately became a fan and embarked on a journey to make this beverage available to the American public. Dan has forged strong ties with suppliers in South America to import and promote mate and the traditional accessories for drinking the beverage (gourds and bombillas). Dan realized the traditional ways of drinking mate may not transfer to mainstream America. As a result, he's taken strides to provide mate in forms more commonly accepted by American consumers.


Yerba Mate Award Address:
Pure Leaf Naturals, Inc.
Home of Aviva Yerba Mate
PO BOX 394
Weir, TX 78674

Toll Free: 877-255-1473
Fax: 877-255-9271

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