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May 2006 - A Short Note From The Desk of Dan. . .


First of all, I'd like to congratulate Brendan Brazier for not only winning the Canadian 50km Ultrathon Championships in Toronto a couple weeks ago, but for also setting a new course record of 3:10:52! As many of you are aware, Brendan is a vegan triathlete who touts Aviva's Wild Harvest yerba mate as often as he can. We here at Aviva share some of the same philosophies as Brendan about living a healthy lifestyle. You'll find his "best selling" book, Thrive, on our website as well as his vegan meal replacement powders and energy bars. These are fantastic!

Now that warm weather has embraced most of the nation, many folks will shed the sedentary lifestyle often associated with winter to get outside and become more active. After a long bike ride or run, don't reach for a soda or other artificial drink, but rather mix up a refreshing glass of iced yerba to help replenish lost nutrients! Aside from Brendan, we know of many folks engaged in competitive events who drink our yerba mate (ie. professional body builders, cyclists, runners, etc..). We'll be highlighting a few in future newsletters.

Foods that Pack a Nutritional Punch!
Healthy Bodies - You are what you eat

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, due to higher than normal demand (on both wholesale and retail fronts) we have worked ourselves into a position of low inventory on our loose Wild Harvest Yerba Mate. This situation, combined with a delay of our container of wild harvest yerba from Paraguay, has required us to discontinue our loose offerings until approximately the second week of June. (on a positive note, the container is still on schedule to reach us during this week)

Because of this situation, we are running a special on our 25-count tea boxes. All of our traditional and flavored blends are marked 20% off and will remain that way until we have the new product inhouse— 10,000 kilos currently en route. Our storefront is a great place to start!

25-ct Tea Boxes
Regular Flavor Mate $4.75 $3.80!
Spearmint Mate $5.25 $4.20!
Chai Mate $5.25 $4.20!
Ginger Peach Summer Blend $5.25 $4.20!
Passion Berry Summer Blend $5.25 $4.20!

I know this may be inconvenient for some folks. For those customers who are used to making loose mate in a French Press or a traditional 10 or 12 cup coffee maker, I have suggestions. For hot mate, I tear 4 tea bags open and use this in my brewer. I know it is not the best solution, but it works. Keep in mind the tea bag cut is a finer cut and may not work as well in a French Press. For iced yerba mate, use six tea bags in a traditional coffee brewer, allow to cool, and serve with ice and flavor of choice.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and invite you try one of our tea bag offerings or our new Argentine Organic loose product.

1lb Wild Harvest Tea Bags
(~207 - 214 bags)
Aviva Argentine Organic
$34.00 $27.00!


Dan Garcia
Founder, Aviva Ltd.

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